0blackswan0 (0blackswan0) wrote,

Holy crow. It's been centuries since I have been on here. Here I am dusting off the cobwebs, and making it look all spick and span. Maybe one day I will get back into the real writing I use to do, but life doesn't seem to be looking too grand to be doing so. I tell myself often, maybe one day. Bah, yeah, maybe. Until that "one" day comes, I am left longing for good stories to read and the patience to wait for the updates that never seem to come. Oh, sigh, that would be nice. But alas, here I sit on my stool, in the kitchen, listening to my daughter create havic in the next room. Maybe I should go check on her...or maybe just laugh while she tears apart the house, eh, it doesn't seem to matter. Here she comes rambling down the hall way in her walker, just yelling and screaming. Ode to the days of relaxation and my sanity!

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