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Why should we all be reasonably sane? We're not all normal and nor should we all act it. I would like to believe we are credible to the way we present ourselves. Life is short and why should we all be another clone of the ideal life or person for that matter. Sure, this has been a matter of discussion between every which person. It's just bland and I would rather run naked through the street than sit there in an over sized sweat shirt.

I'm tired and I think this is why I am over-analyzing everything. I have exams and four regents exams. It's a rough course ahead and the seat doesn't seem to be getting anymore comfortable. One things for sure, I want to get a job once summer comes my way. And if I can I want to get a freakin' car. There is so much independence in just the word: a car. And I will be able to get my license and just be truly free. I am learning on a standard which is somewhat a pain, but then I will be able to drive anything. Now that is a good idea, even though I have stalled it more times than I can really ever count.

I am going to go work on the reading guide for Latin America. One of my favorite continents. Well, I'm gone.
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