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10th-Jan-2007 07:08 pm
I stopped and stared awhile at nothing and everything. My face void of any reaction, just standing there humbly. Faces passed within a blur, I was so convinced that they were all lies. Everything that I once had knew were wrongs that had been rights and truths that now hold no meaning. At the chance I had I bumped into the things I had avoided, in hopes that I could get passed it quicker, and make a safe escape. Who ever told us that everything went up after the hardships was lying, and it is no longer what we had once thought. We were meant to be gripped by the idea of it. Now we are bitter recluses, waiting for the chance to leave behind a horrible reminder of our past. Some will wait for years, for that one little dream; reminder. And once we have left it behind we can sleep, peacefully...and be able to stand with confidence.
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