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Boom, Bang, and Crash

I love thunder storms to an extent. Really. They can be so enjoyable, but sometimes there annoying and just a hassle. We had one not too many hours ago. The scanner went crazy, people did stupid stuff, power lines went cur-plunk, and the cable went out. Oh joyous! Sing happy songs! Loud crashes of thunder and a lightning bolt was right by us. Freakin' scary! Crystal, my cat, freaked. She was all jittery about the whole thing, she freaking ran from the window to under a chair! Although that's not as bad as a dog running away from the storm.

I'm bored and I played with my myspace. Took awesome pictures. Who cares if anyone likes them, you know that kind of thing. I should Crytal's picture on there and then everyone will know she is model material. She can stand like a confident statue. No slumping or anything, very dominant.

I had flash backs today. About Tim. I laughed because of how stupid I acted and how I didn't get the guts up to give him my number. It will, I realize now, never happen again. I probably won't ever see him again and that's okay because I took away with me an experience with good people. He was mysterious and in a way that taught something about the human emotions. Strange as it may, it just did, no other way to explain it. And now until the day I die it will affect everything I do. Yay.

I heard Martina McBride's song 'God's Will' and I cried. Like it wasn't full on sobbing or anything like that, but I cried enough so where I had to go get a tissue. It was random too because the song didn't really get me until the almost very end. I know why I cried, but I don't think I realized it until I went and got a tissue. It's depressing what it was about but I have to trudge ahead and just let it go. I was told to do that...even if they were rude about it.

I got paranoid last night. A car pulled in next door, right? Well the headlights I had never seen before. (I know I can memorize head lights, but that's only because I remember what the neighbors drive) Anyway, they turned off their car (no head lights), and they got out. I could hear the crunching of old dead leaves and that's what freaked me out. I immediately got off the computer because it sounded like they were going to the back of our apartment. I know it was locked and all, but still. Well, I turned the kitchen light off and went and stood near my dad's door, just in case, so I could walk not too far to wake him up. I stood there starring at the back door. I kept hearing noises. So then I walk in here (computer room), and I look out the window and the head lights are back on. They actually sat there for awhile and then they left. It freaked the fuck out of me! We technically live 30 feet away from the ghetto. All the druggies and drug dealers. So THAT'S why I got paranoid. And the rest of the night I would look out to the hall from my bed waiting for a shadow to pop out from the dark and scare me. Thankfully that never happened. Yeah, horrible. Paranoia. So, now I am trying to relax about that. Trying being the keyword.

Well, yeah, pretty boring. Nothing sooo significant happened, but once spoken, shit happens.

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